At Acuity Brands, we provide multiple tutorials and various training options which ease you into using Atrius Solution Builder so that you may create visually stunning data dashboards and IoT applications on your own! Various training methods are below.

Training At Our Facility

Our Onsite Training is the most popular and our preferred choice. Atrius Solution Builder Training is a 3-day, instructor-led course that provides lectures, exercises and hands-on labs designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the basic principles, concepts, and knowledge necessary to develop and support applications using Atrius Solution Builder. Please follow the registration link below to reserve your seat.

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Onsite Training

For groups of 8 or more trainees, we can arrange to host a 3-day training seminar at your location. For further information and pricing please email

Remote Training

While we highly encourage users to join our onsite training, we understand that sometimes it may not fit into your schedule. For special instances, we will host remote training sessions. For further information and pricing please email