Follow these steps to upgrade your Niagara 4 environment to Atrius Solution Builder.

1. Pre-requirements

  • You have a server with Niagara 4 and DGLux5 installed.
  • Make sure you have admin access to Niagara 4.

2. Backup your projects

Make a copy of all the DGLux5 projects on this server. Use menu item “ProjectExport / ImportExport Current Project” to export them one by one. Another option is to make a copy of <server_root>/shared/dglux5/proj folder to another directory outside the Niagara folder.

3. Install Atrius Module

  1. Download Niagara 4 Atrius dist from the developer portal
  2. Click “Download” under “SOLUTION BUILDER NIAGARA”.
  3. Install Atrius Solution Builder for Niagara 4 following these instructions Install Solution Builder.
  4. Copy and paste the “AtriusService” into services from the Atrius palette.
  5. Update nav files for users and change “dglux5:” to “atrius:“.

4. Remove DGLuxService

Delete the “DGLuxService” from the station.

5. Restore projects

  1. Load the editor by opening http(s)://<host>. It will automatically redirect to http(s)://<host>/atrius.
  2. The Atrius admin user is atriusAdmin, password atrius1234.
  3. Import projects back using “ProjectExport / Import” or copy over proj folder.