Follow these steps to upgrade your DSA + DGLux5 environment to Atrius Solution Builder.

1. Pre-requirements

  • You have a server with DSA and DGLux5 installed.
  • Make sure you have admin access to DGLux5 under “dgSuper” or any other user with “superuser” privileges.

Make a copy of all the DGLux5 projects on this server. Use menu item “ProjectExport / ImportExport Current Project” to export them one by one. Another option is to make a copy of <server_root>/files/proj directory to any folder outside the server root. You’re going to need an ssh or ftp access to the server for that.

Make a copy of the <server_root>/dslinks folder to backup all the DSLinks and their settings.

3. Update DGLux5

Update DGLux5 to the latest version if your build is older than r7905:

  1. Open (must be logged in under account).
  2. Go to “DGLux 5 Build“.
  3. Click “Download“.
  4. On your server open the following URL: http(s)://<server_name:port>/update.html
  5. Select file you downloaded.
  6. Click “Upload“.

4. Update DSA Server

  1. Open “Data” tab on your server.
  2. Right click on “sysUpdateServer from RepositoryInvoke“.
  3. Wait for the server to update until you see “Success” and this icon 
  4. Restart server. Right click on “sysRestart Server“.

Now you’re on the latest versions of “DSA + DGLux”. Let’s switch to Atrius Solution Builder.

5. Update DSA Server

Migration requires your server to be switched to an Atrius version first. This version of the server comes with Atrius Solution Builder (ASB) inside. Also, it is possible to update ASB to the latest available version. We’ll do that on the next step.

  1. Download the latest DSA Server from Select folder with the highest build number and download
  2. Open “Data” tab on your server.
  3. Right click on “sysUpdateServer from ZIPChoose ZIP file “Invoke“.
  4. Wait for the server to update until you see “Success” and restart the server.
  5. Refresh the page and log back in. You should see Atrius branded design. This means the update was successful.

6. Update to the latest ASB.

  1. Download latest Atrius Solution Builder from
  2. Click “Download” under “ATRIUS SOLUTION BUILDER”.
  3. On your server open update URL: http(s)://<server_name:port>/update.html
  4. Select “” and upload it.
  5. Check the ASB version in the menu “HelpAbout“. The version should have the following format: 1.1.xxxx.