Atrius Navigator platform service’s Software Development Kit (SDK) unlocks location-based (LBS) and indoor positioning services (IPS) within mobile applications. Acquiring data from your Atrius Sensory Network, Atrius Navigator delivers precise, cost-effective indoor positioning solutions, enabling applications that redefine visitor journeys and enhance business operations.

SDK Documentation (also included in download below)

4.3.4 Release Notes

Bug Fix – Removed a reference to the CoreBluetooth in the LinkedFrameworks

4.3.3 Release Notes

Bug Fix – VLC angles were not being produced when the coordinate preference was geo.

4.3.2 Release Notes

Bug Fix – BLE location updates from LocationManagerV3 were returned with a nil floor.

4.3.1 Release Notes

Bug Fix – Site initialization API calls would time out after a few seconds. HTTP Timeout was increased to 61 seconds.

Bug Fix – Fixed asynchronous autoload in LocationManagerV2 and LocationManagerV3 that had the potential to report an autoload timeout, and then still successfully load the site.

4.3.0 Release Notes

LocationManagerV3 – Enhanced LocationManager that improves position transitions and smoothing.

Site Cache – Improvements made to the caching, encryption, and handling of cached site data to minimize redundant data calls and enhance speed of initialization.

MRTR Fixture Improvements – Added in routines to improve VLC positioning and skylight mitigation with Atrius-enabled MRTR fixtures.

Site Resolver – Improved functionality for loading site data.

Class Deprecation – Deprecation of LocationManagerV2 and related classes. Please switch to the LocationManagerV3 classes.