Atrius Insights is a cloud-based software product which provides geospatial analytics based on position data collected from Atrius Navigator or other third-party indoor positioning systems. Atrius Insights provides mapbased location analysis of facilities for building owners, facility managers, and business analysts to understand movement of location enabled devices. Atrius Insights uses historical data to allow users to compare locations and analyze human interaction in space over time.


  • Map-view visuals with analytics on people in a space
  • Access to both web applications and APIs
  • Historical and near real-time metrics
  • Site groupings to roll-up metrics across multi-site organizations
  • Easily links to other sources of spatial data
  • Heatmap aggregations • Comparisons – across metrics, sites, groupings, and time periods
  • Zone-to-zone path analysis
  • Custom chart creator
  • Day, week, month, quarter, and year data selections
  • Live device visualization
  • Third-party positioning system metrics and visualization
  • Integrate with current BI systems

How Does it Work?

Atrius Insights relies on either the Atrius Navigator platform service or a Third-party positioning system, in addition to the Atrius Sensory Network. Indoor position locations are collected through Atrius Navigator, and that data is processed, aggregated, and stored in the cloud. From there, metrics are collected and can be visualized through our Atrius Insights web application or APIs.

Deployment Requirements

  • Atrius Sensory Network
    • Enabled with Atrius luminaires (commissioned by the Atrius Deployment Team) •
  • Atrius Navigator platform service – mobile SDK and admin web application OR 3rd party positioning data system
  • Cloud hosted Map Service and floorplans
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory authentication

Customization Tools

Atrius Insights includes an administration tool, Atrius Admin, for users to customize zones, metrics, sites, and organization parameters.

  • Zone location information
  • Atrius Admin web application
  • Site
  • Groups
  • Zones
  • Metric customization

How to Deploy

The developer will have access to Atrius Admin web application – a configuration tool – that is used for loading the map service, creating zones, adding multiple users, updating maps, and more.