What is Atrius™ Insights?

How does Atrius Insights receive data?

What do I need to use Atrius Insights?

Why is Azure Active Directory required for Insights authentication?

How do I deploy an Atrius enabled site to Insights?

How do I receive a partner ID or subscription key for the Insights API?

What is Atrius™ Admin

What applications does Atrius™ Admin administer?

What is Atrius Navigator?

What luminaires work with Atrius Navigator?

How do I know if a particular luminaire is enabled with Atrius?

What impact on power consumption does an enabled with Atrius luminaire have over one that is not enabled?

If a fixture has to be replaced in a functioning indoor positioning facility, how do I ensure that the new fixture is also commissioned properly?

How do I know if a luminaire features embedded BLE, VLC or both technologies?

Do the fixtures have to be commissioned for Navigator capabilities to be utilized?

How is the phone’s position calculated using VLC or BLE technologies?

What are all the components required for Atrius Navigator to work?

How do I implement Atrius Navigator once all the components are installed and commissioned?

Where is the position calculated?

How are positions sent to the cloud?

What is provided in the SDK?

What data is sent to the cloud?

How is the BLE firmware in the luminaires maintained for the sensory network over the life of the fixture?

How much battery is consumed on an end user’s mobile device when Atrius Navigator services are enabled?

Does Acuity collect any personal information based on location of mobile device?

Does Atrius Navigator require a data connection?

How can I update action zones?

My floor layout has changed. How do I update the map on the app to reflect these changes?

Does Acuity build the App for indoor positioning?

How do I find the latest SDK versions?

What is a Map Service? Why is it needed? How do I get one?

How do I access the application and APIs?

Do I have access to both the web application and the APIs when I purchase Atrius Insights?

Is there a limit to how much data can be stored?

How do I create zones?

How do I provide user access to the Atrius Insights web application?

With multiple floors, how accurate is the data?

Will a customer be able to sell this data? Who owns the data?

What is Atrius Spaces?

What is Atrius Spaces designed to achieve?

How does Atrius Spaces work?

If the nLight ECLYPSE pushes its data to the cloud, does the nLight ECLYPSE need an internet connection?

What do I need for Atrius Spaces?

I already have an nLight ECLYPSE, networked nLight system, and nLight occupancy sensors. Do I need to re-purchase anything?

How do I update to the latest firmware?

I have a networked nLight system and occupancy sensors, but an nGWY2 as my controller. Can I get Atrius Spaces?

How do the occupancy sensors collect data?

Does this mean that my nLight ECLYPSE can do both Atrius Spaces and lighting control in a single controller?

How many nLight devices can be handled on the new nLight ECLYPSE?

Why do I need Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

What if I have Fresco controllers on my nLight network?

What are you typically editing with Admin?

Why do I need Microsoft Active Directory?

What is a Map Service and how do I get one?

What is Atrius Solution Builder?

How does Atrius Solution Builder work?

What do I need to use Atrius Solution Builder?

How do I get Atrius Solution Builder?

Which platforms are supported by Atrius Solution Builder?

What are the minimum hardware requirements?

What are the recommended hardware requirements?

Where can the applications built using Solution Builder be deployed?

How is Atrius Solution Builder different from DGLux5?

What is DSA and how does it relate to Atrius Solution Builder?

What are DSLinks and where can I get them from?

Which DSLinks are already supported by Atrius Solution Builder?

Does Atrius Solution Builder provide support for any IoT Protocols?

Can new DSLinks be developed to support a new device or protocol and what is the process of engagement?

How is Atrius Solution Builder Licensed?

How do I get a license for Atrius Solution Builder?

What is a Topic?

What is Atrius™ Assets

What is included when I purchase Atrius™ Assets?

What is required for Atrius™ Assets to operate?

What Luminaires work with Atrius™ Assets?

How do I know if a luminaire is ”Atrius™-Ready”?

Can I use Atrius™ Assets without a network of Atrius™-Ready luminaires?

What impact on power consumption does an Atrius™-Ready luminaire have, compared to one that is not Atrius™-Ready?