Spaces FAQ

What is Atrius Spaces?

What is Atrius Spaces designed to achieve?

How does Atrius Spaces work?

If the nLight ECLYPSE pushes its data to the cloud, does the nLight ECLYPSE need an internet connection?

What do I need for Atrius Spaces?

I already have an nLight ECLYPSE, networked nLight system, and nLight occupancy sensors. Do I need to re-purchase anything?

How do I update to the latest firmware?

I have a networked nLight system and occupancy sensors, but an nGWY2 as my controller. Can I get Atrius Spaces?

How do the occupancy sensors collect data?

Does this mean that my nLight ECLYPSE can do both Atrius Spaces and lighting control in a single controller?

How many nLight devices can be handled on the new nLight ECLYPSE?

Why do I need Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

What if I have Fresco controllers on my nLight network?