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Atrius™ LiveView FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use Atrius Live View?

What is a Map Service? Why is it needed? How do I get one?

Will a customer be able to sell this data? Who owns the data?

Atrius™ Assets FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a customer be able to sell this data? Who owns the data?

What is Atrius™ Assets

What is included when I purchase Atrius™ Assets?

What is required for Atrius™ Assets to operate?

What Luminaires work with Atrius™ Assets?

How do I know if a luminaire is ”Atrius™-Ready”?

Can I use Atrius™ Assets without a network of Atrius™-Ready luminaires?

What impact on power consumption does an Atrius™-Ready luminaire have, compared to one that is not Atrius™-Ready?

About Atrius™ Assets

Atrius™ Assets is a cloud-based software service that includes APIs, administration, and visualization interfaces to deliver real-time
indoor asset tracking and management, by leveraging the Atrius™-Ready Sensory Network and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology communication. Enhance business performance with Atrius™ Assets, to provide an accurate location, pathing and alert monitoring of items,
equipment, and personnel, directly from a web browser or via integration with business applications. Gain a thorough understanding of assets’ real-time location and movement trends, optimize workflows, enhance on-demand and dispatch services, redesign space layouts, implement safety or theft prevention initiatives, and improve equipment utilization and maintenance.


  • Two meters or better accuracy across 90% of floor space equipped with Atrius-Ready luminaires1
  • Real-time asset positioning
  • Tracking of movement through spaces, in real-time
  • Analysis of asset movement, utilization, and positioning
  • Alerting and notifications generated from user-defined parameters
  • Maintenance Free Infrastructure
  • Rugged (IP-67 rated) Bluetooth Low Energy technology asset tags
  • Long battery life asset tags
  • Configurable asset tag parameters to match your movement needs (ex: beaconing frequency)
  • Categorize assets to differentiate in real-time visualization and data analysis
  • Atrius™ Cloud access for data aggregation, processing, and storage
  • RESTful APIs for integration into organically developed or 3rd party software and visualization tools
  • Supports many of the most popular internet browsers: Google Chrome™, Microsoft Edge™, Safari™
  • Backhaul data through building infrastructure, minimizing maintenance costs

Deployment Requirements

  • Commissioned Atrius™-Ready lighting infrastructure
  • Georeferenced floor space map
  • Atrius™ Admin3
  • Atrius™ LiveView3
  • ECLYPSE™ A1000 Controller
  • ECLYPSE A1000AT Fog Gateway
  • Atrius™ Assets Edge Gateways4
  • Asset Tags – Bluetooth Low Energy technology with Atrius™ Assets firmware
  • Microsoft™ Azure™ Active Directory5