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Download Project Assist

Project Assist Template v2.3.433

Download Project Template Assist v2.3.433

This is the Project Assist 2.3 for Facilities project template ONLY. If you already have Atrius Solution Builder installed, you can download this file and import it into your Solution Builder instance as a project. Inside Solution Builder go to Project > Import Project.

Version 2.3.433

  • Updates to Niagara Scheduler
    • Added Schedule Filter Property.
    • Added Weekly Schedule as Default Tab.
    • Fixed multiple Schedule issues.
    • Custom Last Day of Month no longer highlights Any Day at the same time.
    • Last Day and Last 7 Days can no longer be highlighted at the same time.
    • Max Schedule Event Name length now longer than 13 characters.
  • Added Custom Label to Weather Widget.
  • Improved DE translation.
  • Added functionality to enable the Page Include module to be used to launch a URL as a new tab or window.
  • Improved compatibility with Atrius Solution Builder.

Version 2.3.421.1

  • Fixed Niagara Schedule module save button issue on IOs devices.
  • Fixed Niagara Schedule module exception day display issue.
  • Fixed imported histories issue with the Report Module and in the Data Tab and the Bind Dialog with Niagara.

Project Assist 2.3 Viewer N4 Installation

Download Project Assist 2.3 Viewer N4

This is the Project Assist 2.3 for Facilities VIEWER installation file for Niagara 4 framework. Users will NOT have access to the full Atrius Solution Builder designer with this installation file.

Version 1.15.0

  • Fixed BFormat values issue in the Niagara Alarm Console message texts.
  • Fixed Numeric and Enum writable points in fault display issue.

Download Atrius™ Solution Builder Updates

Atrius Solution Builder v1.1.8344

Download Atrius Solution Builder v1.1.8344


What’s New

  • New ability to zoom in to mouse position in group’s zoom tool.
  • Added setting min and max zoom level for the zoom tool.
  • New fields for Mapbox layers to control them with Mapbox syntax.
    • layerCustomStyles property for the GeoJSON layer.
    • clusterLayerCustomStyles property to style circles on the marker layer.
    • circleLayerCustomStyles to apply styles to circles and labels on the marker layer.
    • clusterLayerCustomStyles to style cluster circles and cluster labels on the marker layer.
    • opacityField to control opacity on the marker layer.
  • Added context menu for document tabs to close current tab, other tabs or all of them.
  • Introduced “Use localization in Viewer” project property to load localization (translations) for the viewer. When this checkbox is enabled, standard components like Date Range picker are translated to user’s selected language in the viewer mode.
  • Added menu option to turn off graphics animations in the designer “View” “Disable Animation”.
  • Added new word break mode to have three in total: none, wrap, break-word.


  • Migrated to Mapbox 0.44.2.
  • License request window updates.
  • Bindings list now captures “nodepath” symbol parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiline text in “exportHTML” block.
  • Fixed “exportPDF” block issues.
  • Fixed minor memory leaks.
  • Fixed Google map “mapStyles” property.

Atrius Solution Builder v1.1

Download Atrius Solution Builder v1.1.8238

What’s New

  • OEM partner logo. We’ve added an option to customize the logo for our OEM partners. Logo stays even if you later update ASB to a newer version.
  • Binding list window. You can now see all the bindings on the page in a single table with the layer name, property, binding path, type. Inline editing for a binding path is available.
  • Symbol properties localization. You can translate properties of the symbols you created and distribute symbol libraries worldwide.


  • Data tree nodes are sorted alphabetically by default now.
  • Project current version is now displayed next to the project name.
  • Significant improvements in French localization.
  • Added decimal separator property to “Format Number” block to better support non-US number formats.
  • Text selection is now working for the “Data Grid” component.
  • Added “Recover” feature support for “project.df5” file.
  • Update page now has a menu option “Help” “Update”.
  • Improved in-app Help tips for the dataflow blocks’ properties.

Bug Fixes

  • Project name parameter in the URL was not changing when switching to another project, so if a page is refreshed, the previous
    project is loaded. Fixed now.
  • ”Data Grid” component sometimes rendered the list incorrectly when used as a callout. We fixed that.
  • We fixed an issue when importing files with “%” character in the name failed.
  • Fixed incorrect page refreshing when using multiple # symbols in the URL.